Contemporary Artist

Laura Cohen is a fine artist and poet and the eldest daughter of a family of four sisters residing in Westport, Connecticut. Laura, a completely self taught painter, discovered her deep love of oil painting, poetry and contemporary art which began to flourish during the healing process after a family illness.

Her works of abstract florals and colorful dreamlike images hum with a musical energy and poeticism.  Delightful pastels, metallic golds, and vibrant colors surprise each viewer with her vast and varied expressions.  Laura dreams of overcoming life’s challenges and in that place of adversity giving those realities a space of beauty and purpose.

In 2017, David Gersh and Robert Gersh, American Art Collectors, acquired

Laura Cohen’s work.

In 2017, Laura became a member of the Los Angeles Art Association and founded the collective THREE GRACES named after the Greek god Zeus’s three daughters. The Self Definition Show by THREE GRACES exhibited August 25-September 1, 2018, at the Loft at Liz’s in Los Angeles, California and extended until September 8 after much acclaim.  “Her” a centerpiece installation Laura created highlighted the show.

Laura Cohen continues to push her artistic boundaries with the purest expression of love.